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Certificates! Congratulations to everybody

After exams this morning  we had the diploma celebration. All of them  are happy with their  certificates. They got very good marks. Congratulations to all of them!


Today we have gone to Oxford. We made a tour through the city and we saw the main landmarks. We also visited Christchurch college.

Oxford is one of the Britain’s fastest growing cities and is known worldwide as a university town, home to the University of Oxford.It is also known as the “city of dreaming spires” due to its beautiful buildings, colleges and surroundings.It is the oldest University in the English Speaking world.



British Museum P

Yesterday afternoon we went to visit The British Museum which is dedicated to human history, art and culture. Its permanent collection, numbering some 8 million works, is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence and originates from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present. They visited mainly the Rosetta Stone, a valuable key to the decipherment of hieroglyphs,  and the Egyptian mummies which they liked very much.

Enjoy the fotos !!!!


Hi everybody!

Lessons run from 9 am to 12,30 pm with a break at 10.30.

Food, classes and main building

Good afternoon to everybody,

Just a quick look through our refectory and some other parts of this University College .

The refectory seats up to 550 with a buffet style servery. The refectory’s atrium and French windows give the venue a light, spacious feel.

Now you can see a class and some other parts of the University College.

London Royal Walk

There’s a wealth of things to do and see in the capital. We have already seen some of them today : Leicester square , Chinatown , Piccadilly circus and finally an important Royal landmark : Buckingham Palace. Teens learnt a bit more of these places which are a “must-see” in a sightseeing through the city.

Sports night plus gladiator contest-sumo and others !

Tonight has been a great one enjoying games and especially gladiator and Sumo contest!🥋

Twickenham upon Thames

This afternoon we visited our marvellous campus. Later on, we walked down the city centre enjoying the beautiful views of this lovely little London borough watered by the Thames. We saw the most important spots in and did some shopping.

Good bye Barcelona, welcome London

Dear all,
Yesterdsy was a day full of emotions and challenges to be faced in the following days.
Today they are doing the placement test. Hope it will be fine for all of them.


Hi everybody,

Let’s meet on Sunday 7th JuLY at 5.00 am in front of EasyJet check-in desks at Barcelona’s Terminal 2C Airport.


Do not forget to bring , DNI’S, European health card, ,pocket money and 60 DEPOSIT OR 80 EUROS.

Luggage restrictions:

1 luggage- 20 kg
Hand luggage- 1 bag (motxilla preferenment)
Food is acceptable. Drinks no! ( only available after cutomer’s office inside the airport ).

See you soon